Scam Alert

Scam Protection

We understand that making your first online purchase from our website may be accompanied with lots of doubts. We all visit the internet daily and want to get something to fulfil our desires.

The truth be told that Internet fraud is on the rise, so we’ve also included some tips to help protect yourself when buying on our website.

Beware of Scam

Pills & Pills LLC has only one official website which is Double check the link in you browser now to see if it matches. We have gotten several reports about people trying to fake their identities and claiming to be our staff to extort money from drug buyers and promising to deliver drugs to them.  Please kindly note that all transaction emails must come from  Alternatively, you can call +1 (470) 357-9999.  Please kindly disregard any communication that does not come from the above contacts.

Please report all scam suspects to

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