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discreet-shipping-banner pills and pearls

1) All products available on our website are covered by Pills and Pearls LLC 1-year free warranty & paid warranty plans. There is no need to check the item listing to know if it does not includes warranty benefits. All products are up to date and have at least  more than 1 year expiration period.

Warranty Condition:

What is covered:

1)  Any defects in the product you purchase will be covered by our warranty program. However, you will have to provide us with proof of purchase before the warranty becomes effective.

Transportation Costs

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The warranty does not cover the following:

1)  Beyond the warranty period;

2)  No invoice or warranty card is inconsistent with invoice information;

3)  Accidental damage, faults caused by abuse, neglect, careless operation or any handling operation which are not in conformance with user manual.

4)  Failure or damage caused by forced use of the product beyond normal service conditions;

5)  Malicious damage warranty card content, product information, including fuzzy damage, tear, tamper, etc;

6) The product serial no. code or the accessories date code has been removed, defaced or altered;

7) This warranty is not transferable. This warranty will be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy.

DISCLAIMER: Pills And Pearls LLC shall not be liable for the loss of any package as a result of wrong provision of delivery address by the buyer.

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